State Level Consultation on Nutritional Self Dependence A state Level Consultation on Nutritional Self Dependence

State Level Consultation on Nutritional Self Dependence
A state Level Consultation on Nutritional Self Dependence was organized at Bhubaneswar: People’s Cultural Centre (PECUC), a leading voluntary organization of Odisha in collaboration with TDH(G) and BMZ and in cooperation with DISHA, CAUSE and Baitarani Initiative. Around 100 participants from 20 districts including small farmer, members of civil society groups, Govt. institutions, scientists, academicians and media representative participated in this consultation. The consultation was inaugurated by Dr. Sipra Mallick, Food Commissioner Member, Pradeep Kumar Biswal, IAS, special Secretary, Finance Department, Govt. of Odisha and Prof. (Dr) Shrijit Mishra, Director Millet Mission.
The welcome address was given by Anuradha Mohanty, Executive Director, PECUC and she also shared the purpose of the consultation. Dr. Minakhi Panda, Director PECUC, chaired the inaugural session. Mr. Ranjan Kumar Mohanty, Secretary PECUC briefed the work of PECUC and its initiative towards achieving nutritional self dependence in its project area. Malnutrition free childhood should be our dream was emphasized by Mr. Mohanty.
Other Guest speaker on this consultation were Madhumita Das, Consultant, WCD Dept., Govt. of Odisha, Dr. Snehalata Nanda, Prof. Food & Nutrition, College of Community Science, OUAT, Dr. Sunil Kumar Das, Vegetable Scientist, OUAT, Dr. Sasmita Behera, Dept. of Home Science, Rama Devi University & Deepak Kumar Mishra, State Coordinator, Baitarani Initiative. Discussion was held on local ecological food & its nutritional value, regular diet & balance diet, scope for improvement and also on Public Distribution System, different nutritional related schemes and programme of Govt. etc. The panelist discussed on the developed technology, models, schemes, innovations towards eradication of hunger and malnutrition. On this occasion an exhibition was organized showing the activities and achievements of the project SEED- Food sovereignty in Adivasi communities in Odisha. To fight malnutrition many recommendation were given by the participants in this Consultation. Harihar balabantaray, Prashant Kumar Mallick, Monalisa Patra & Sasmita Sethy of PECUC facilitated this Consultation.

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