Model Parliament -2019 on behalf of MIT School of Government (MITSOG) Dr Surjya Narayan Patro, Hon’ble Speaker, Orissa Legislative Assembly portrayed the Speaker of Model Parliament

Model Parliament -2019 on behalf of MIT School of Government (MITSOG)
Dr Surjya Narayan Patro, Hon’ble Speaker, Orissa Legislative Assembly portrayed the Speaker of Model Parliament

Bhubeneswar,Pune, 18 December :  Nation’s falling GDP, Article 370 in Jammu Kashmir, Ram Mandir in Ayodhya , Violence against Women, Increasing the Employment, Short Comings in the Education Sector, Banking Scams, were some of the important issues that were discussed in Model Parliament Session 2019 organized as a part of the curriculum at MIT School of Government, MIT World Peace University.
The newly elected Members of Parliament, Samay Soni and Sumit Gupta took their oaths.
Tributes were offered to Late Sheela Dixit , Arun Jaitley, Sushma Swaraj, Ram Jethmalani and T. N. Seshan.
Along with the Hon’ble Speaker of Orissa Legislative Assembly, Dr Surjya Narayan Patro, the Speaker of Model Parliament Session 2019, Sayyed Zakria Sultan (Prime Minister), Suyog Sangle( Home Minister) , Nidhi Kejriwal ( Human Resource Development Minister), Nemish Likhewar ( State Home Minister), Shubham Padmaras ( Finance Minister), Jameelah Choudhary ( Minister of Women and Child Welfare) and Akshay Patankar ( Law Minister), many students portrayed as the member of parliament of the ruling party and expressed their views on the said important issues along with replying to the questions raised by the members of the opposition party. The members of the opposition party along with their Opposition Leader M Mutharasan confronted the Ruling Party members on the important issues faced by the Nation.
After the opposition leaders raised the question of the issues of Jammu Kashmir , Gopesh Choudhary , External Affairs Minister, said that, Kashmir is an integral part of India, so it is our responsibility to protect the citizens residing in Kashmir. After the implementation of Article 370 the situation has been improving gradually in Kashmir. On account of Terrorist Attacks the protection in the area has been increased. Thus , the situation is under control now.
Prime Minister mentioned that this Government is working towards the betterment of the common man in the country. He also expressed his views on various prominent issues like digitalization, modernization, employment generation on a wider scale, infrastructure development, agriculture etc .
Opposition raised various issues like GDP and increasing unemployment also mentioning that almost more than 3000 manufacturing companies have been shut down.
On this, a minister of the ruling party replied that India is progressing towards development. Although the GDP has gone down, this situation will not continue for a longer period of time.
Due to Prime Minister’s Agricultural Scheme, Prime Minister’s Skill Development Scheme, Start up Plan , India will emerge as a financially strong nation. National GDP is estimated to go upto 7.1%.
Furthermore, debate took place on several issues like nation’s internal and external security , GST and scams related to online banking that were raised by the opposition.
Minister of Women and Child Welfare, Jamela Choudhary emphasized the need to pass the Women’s Protection Bill with immediate effect. She stated that there has been a rise in the incidents of violence against women in the country. Thus it is necessary to protect and empower women. It is also equally important to bring about a change in the mentality of the citizens. Police duty be made more stringent between 10pm to 7am at night.
Dr Surjya Narayan Patro, Hon’ble Speaker, Orissa Legislative Assembly said that its important that the Ruling Party members and the members of the opposition work together peacefully towards finding the solution to the problems faced by the nation.
Executive President of MITWPU , Mr. Rahul Karad said that the model parliament session 2019 was organized with the view of giving students an idea of the functioning of the actual parliament session. Here students come to know how the ruling party members and the members of the opposition debate with each other and how the members express their opinions. This will definitely be helpful for the students in their political career.
Prof.Parimal Sudhakar portrayed deputy speaker of the parliament
The event took place in the presence of Dr. S. Haridas, Associate Director, MIT School of Government.

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