World Webinar Series on Globalization of Indian Dance-Transcending Borders

World Webinar Series on Globalization of Indian Dance-Transcending Borders

Bhubaneswar: Date: 14th to 19th September, 2020The Department of Performing Arts (DPA), Faculty of Arts, Communication and Indic Studies (FACIS), Sri Sri University in collaboration with Srjan (Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra Odissi Nrityabasa) is organizing a world webinar series on the “Globalization of Indian Dance,” from September 21st to 26th, 2020. The series will feature 12 distinguished scholars/practitioners, who have been invited to share their views and opinions on this pertinent topic. Conducted on Zoom, each session will be held for one hour, followed by a 15-minute interactive Q&A session.

Our department deemed it fit to organize the international seminar on this topic given the far-reaching impact of globalization on performing arts. From the temple to the proscenium stage, Indian classical arts have undergone a paradigm shift in the way they are perceived and performed. Since India’s independence, the classical arts have provided diverse avenues for exploring our deep-seated values and cultural heritage. Their revival in the hands of pioneering maestros led to a rise in their popularity across India, and their subsequent establishment across the globe. Today, the aura of the Indian performing arts has diffused across national and international boundaries, as these art forms are practised even in remote corners of the world.

Thus, the aim of this webiar is to expose our students, teachers, dancers and to varied thoughts and academic discussions on the performing arts, enabling their professional growth as aspiring classical dancers/artistes. We are also opening this webinar to through Facebook live to the dancers and artistes of other classical dance forms, art connoisseurs, and the audience.

This World Dance Webinar is first of its kind in Odisha, has been organised. The detailed concept proposal along with the names of the esteemed speakers and the poster are attached for your information.

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